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Welcome to Our Website

Getting a handle on pharmaceutical waste management may seem like a monumental task. It does not have to be that way. Partner with the companies and organizations that have the experience and proven systems to achieve your objectives. PharmWaste Technologies takes great pride in providing the optimal solutions for your pharmaceutical waste management needs.


PTI Online Store now OPEN!

Order your pharmaceutical waste supplies including PTI's new medicine disposal device PAC-RX for the disposal of DEA pharmaceutical wastage. Order 


PAC-RX now available online!

PTI's has developed their own medicine disposal device called PAC-RX.  PAC-RX utilizes Power Acitvated Carbon for the adsorption of active pharmaceutical ingredients.  Info  

NEW FOR 2019 - EPA Subpart P - Resource Center

PTI has expanded and enhanced this website to include essential information on EPA's Management Standards For Hazardous Waste Pharmaceuticals.   Learn more about how these regulations that will greatly affect the entire healthcare industry. EPA Subpart P - Resource Center


See which flu vaccines this year are considered EPA hazardous waste - view

NEW FOR 2019 – PTI Porthole for EPA Subpart P Compliance

Enhanced PTI QuickHAZ(TM) online system that addresses the new regulatory requirement of EPA's Subpart P  Get your facility in compliance.  PTI Porthole

NEW FOR 2019 – PTI Expands Medical and Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal Services

Contact PTI to get a quote on the disposal of: Pharmaceuticals (DEA Controls, Non-Controls, Non-Hazardous, RCRA Hazardous), Bio-hazardous (RMW), Sharps, Trace Chemo, Chemo, Amalgam, Fixer/Developer Wastes.

Our Clientele

Hospitals/Dr.’s Offices

Hospital pharmacies and Dr.’s Offices throughout the United States count on PTI to evaluate their drug formulary. Hospitals range from small county hospitals to large healthcare systems.

Medical Waste Vendors

PTI works with various Medical Waste Vendors across the United States in assisting them with providing their customers with a compliant pharmaceutical waste program.

All Pharmacies

PTI provides services to a wide array of pharmacies and anywhere drugs are sold or administered - Retail, Institutional, Wholesale, Chain, Online, Distributors, etc.


PTI’s drug database and expertise extends beyond drugs and devices for human use. PTI has an extensive database and awareness for drugs outside the traditional scope.

Waste Disposal

PTI partners with various hazardous and non-hazardous waste vendors nationally to assist them and their customers in the proper identification, handling and disposal of drug waste.


Companies that handle and transport pharmaceutical waste also utilize PTI services. They have come to rely on proven systems that quickly and accurately identify hazardous drugs by EPA and DOT regulations.